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ន៝ង1N.propNong; a dialect of Bunong spoken in Vietnam.SynDកាន៝ង3
ន៝ង2Nbasket used to house chickens'Bunor'.SynDកាន៝ង1កាន៝ង2ឞូន៝ង
ន៝ង់Nk.o. tree, heavy wood, used for mortars, heavier than water'Biat'.SynDនឹង1តើមន៝ង់comp.ដើមធ្នង់
ន៝ប់Cfរឹនជឹន1ADVtight, firm; well connectedពាង់​ក៝ត់រាឆែ​អ៝ន់ន៝ប់He tied the rope tightly.'Bunor'.SynDគឹ 22ADJvery tight3ADJstick together4ADJto last long, be of good quality, durableឆាស​អ្យា​ន៝ប់​ងាន់***comp.នូយ្សនហ៝ម់ន៝ប់នូយ្សនហ៝ម់
ន៝មNtrunk, elongated nose (e.g. elephant)
ន៝ម់1PREPunder (literally or figuratively)2Nunderside8.5.5Spatial relations
ន៝រNfallen tree
ន៝រ់dial. var.អាន៝រ់Cfនថាង់ADJstraight and long, (branch)
នត៝Nlike that
នត៝ក់Vto get under a blanket
នត៝ងNpipe (smoking), straw
នត៝ងហ៝ត់Npipe for smoking
នត៝ង់ទ៝ង់INTnoise made in mourning by beatingthings
នត៝ង់អ្យ្រ៝ង់Cfខឹតខុរខ្វើងងក៝រ់ចោតឆ្រេបទុល1នតឺងទ្រឺងនអ៝កពឺង1រ៝ករាចោនរាពាច់រាវាវរាអ៝ង់រឹលឹរើតទើតលេរខេរឞិចហាក់អោម2ADV.Xdescribes newly dead large animal (e.g. wild deer)
នត៝ចVto stretch out (e.g. one’s body)គ៝ប់​នត៝ច​កាឆូ***
នត៝បVadd, again, more, extra, on top ofគ៝ប់នត៝បព្លៃម្វាយជឹតI add one more fruit.Synត៝ប
នត៝ប់Vpierce, stab, spear; inject
នត៝ល់Vordinal prefix, locative
នត៝សVto make visible, become visible'Bunor'.SynDញឆោសនត៝សឆាក់ make visible oneself
នតាV1to give to the needy (clothes, food, or money)Not used when you give to someone who has begged money.2hold out, strech outនតាតីhold out the hand (to let a bird land on it)
នតាក់Nsap from a tree or plant, resin, tar
នតាង1Vrepresent; in place of