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ប៝កVto cheat
ប៝ង់Vnot helping sbd to do things, not give one’s assistance, leave sbd to do sth bythemselves, (has connotation of rebuke); in the negative 'not let do'ប៝ង់គ៝រ var.ប៝កគ៝រVpermit or allow something normally forbidden; to give boundless freedom to do whatever one wants; undisciplined, careless
ប៝ត់Nfirst, before doing sth elseប៝ត់ហ៝ៈcomp.ADVdon't yetប៝ត់ហ៝ៈនហ៝តdon't pass by here yetused with verbs of action
ប៝នNvillage, hamletcomp.ឞ្រីប៝នឞ្រី1ប៝នតើមគុ of origin, birthplaceប៝នតេសងីសមឞ៝ល់comp.unspec. var.ប៝នតេសញីសមឞ៝ល់Ncity, lit: big village (with a) multitude of houses
ប៝នលានN1villagers, people2ordinary country person, farmerគ៝ប់​គុ​ប៝នលាន​ទើម មោហោម​ជាន​ការ***
ប៝ន់PRO.Qhow much (rhetorical question marker)despite what someone thinks, so you are correcting their assessment of something
ប៝យ21Vfollow a trackSimតឹង 12PREPaccording toSimកើត
ប៝យអើមADVlike beforeពាង់​ជាន​អ៝ន់​អ្វែស​ប៝យអើម***
ប៝រVto drive, steer (oxen cart)គ៝ប់​ប៝រ​រាទែស​នទ្រោក***Simបឹត
ប៝ល់ADJdull, bluntBiatSynDបាល់
ប៝សCfខ៝ប់1Vconsume food (for animals); devour; eat_greedily; to take, catch or swallow the bait (implies taking the whole bait in one bite)កា​ប៝ស​នទារ។The fish consumes the hook.អើ​ពាង់​ប៝ស​ទូ​ហ្វៃ​ជឹត ប៝ស​អី​​ទូ​ហ្វៃ​​ជឹត.Yeah, it devours another person [and then] devours another person.ប៝សខ៝ប់ bite on a bait (esp. fish)
បាង់Nbamboo shootបាង់ឆ្រាតcomp.pickled bamboo shoots
បាតADJbig??ក្វ៝ង់​ទុតអាបាតextremely big
បាន់dial. var.មាន់Cfក្លៃបែព៝វែរNdaughter-in-law or sister-in-law (SW, youngerBW); Term of reference for the wife of a son (daughter-in-law); ToR for the wife of a younger brother (sister-in-law)Cpartក្លៃព៝មីSimក្លៃមី
បាបNsin, violence done to sbdSynត៝ម​ពីសតឹមពីស