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ព៝Cfក្លៃបាន់បែវែរNin-laws which are forbidden (taboo) to touch, namely: spouse's older relatives (male and female)Cpartក្លៃបាន់មីមឞឹព៝comp.1father-in-law2father-in-lawមេៈព៝comp.1mother-in-law2mother-in-law
ព៝ក់V1to break off, snap off (ex. ear of corn)2to break up, dig shallow (with hoe), e.g. to prepare a field
ព៝ង់Vpound, hammer, nail, put nails through sth
ព៝តSimហឹងV1to paint, smear, apply (e.g. lotion to the skin)2mix
ព៝តលាយVto mix together
ព៝ន់ថើADVwithout caring for others, to sit about lazilyពាង់​គុ​អ្វាញ់​វីដេអោ​ព៝ន់ថើ***
ព៝ម់Vto put out a fireប៝នលាន​ឆ៝ៈ​ងគីង​ឆី​​ព៝ម់​អុញ​ឆាឞ្រី***
ព៝យ្ស1Ncalf (bodypart)Synព្លៃព៝យ្សcomp. ofព្លៃ 22.1Body2.1.3.2Leg
ព៝យ្ស2Simក្រែស 2Vshave off with straight edge instrument (knife or razor) (hair or fur) hair
ព៝រNrice porridge
ព៝រ់SimពូរVburn up, overcookSimពុរ25.5.4Burn
ព៝ល់Cfខ្វេវទែព្លូយមពារ់មរែcontr. ofមៃរែ2រែ2រែ3លិញវិញVplay; do sth for fun; do sth without intending to accomplish anythingព៝ល់រាលឺនcomp.1to play2to playព៝ល់លិញវិញ play happilyកា​ព៝ល់​លិញវិញ***
ព៝សV1to pour out (rice, dirt)កោញ​នើន​ព៝ស​ឞ៝ស​តា​ត្រាវ***2pile up, put inក្វាក​នែស​ព៝ស​តានតុក​នតូហុក***ex. take dirt and dump it into a hole on the road to fill it in
ពា1dial. var.មពា2Nsoft-shelled turtleTrionyx ornatus
ពាក2Cfក្ល៝ក់ឆ្រែសត៝ង់3តោបព៝កពឺចមឞាងរាងាច់លោច2ADV.X(slash with a knife)
ពាក់Vto pluckយើ​ពាក់​រេប​តា​មីរ***
ពាក់ថ៝ម់Nprimary school; elementary school
ពាង1Vកាល់; រារាំង; ការពារ
ពាង2Nk.o. resinous treeតើមពាងcomp.ដើមត្បែង
ពាង់1fr. var.ពា2PRO13rd person singular; he, she, it2heពាង់​ទែcomp.Cfព្រែcontr. ofពាង់1រែ2sp. var. ofពាង់ទែcomp. ofទែSynព្រែ 1contr. ofពាង់1រែ2ព្រែcontr.Cfពាង់​ទែsp. var. ofពាង់ទែcomp. ofពាង់1ទែPRO13 person singular possessive; his, hers, theirsSynពាង់​ទែsp. var. ofពាង់ទែcomp. ofពាង់1ទែ23P CONTRASTIVE FOCUSSynពាង់2