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ម៝CfមផារSimរាលាម់Vhide, deceive, keep secret what one knows; deny the truthម៝សម៝ពាង់តៃI won't deceive to you, ...Simនទ៝ប់ 2Synពោនពោន
ម៝ង1Nk.o. fish trap with nets
ម៝ង2N1hour, time2watch, clock
ម៝ង់Simងគ៝រ់ 1Nstick used for some purpose; bat, club, switch, staff, handleម៝ង់​ច្រាយ្សcomp.Nrakeម៝ង់ជ្រាcomp.Nwalking stick, cane, staff (disposable)ម៝ង់តាក់ជ្រាcomp.Ncane, walking stick, staff (used everyday)ម៝ង់មពេសcomp.broomម៝ង់រានាយcomp.stick to stir foodម៝ង់រាព្លៃcomp.elephant whip
ម៝ត់Vto raise (e.g. animals), take care of'Biat'.SynDមឹត2មឹត3ម៝ត់ញជ្រាង់ protect, take care ofម៝ត់ត៝ន pay back a spirit with the sacrifices promised earlier; ceremony where a person(s)pays back a spirit(s) for the good favor they gave the person when they finish what wasagreed upon in the past and so the person makes good on his promise to the spirit(s)(usually includes a sacrifice or offering); acknowledge that a spirit(s) has acted basedon one’s earlier request and make offerings (sacrifices) to the spirit according to whatwas promised when the spirit’s power was invokedម៝ត់ត៝នឞ្រាស***ម៝ត់នអាងcomp.Vpractice sorcery, cultivate the implements of sorceryម៝ត់មើសcomp.take careម៝ត់ឞោកcomp.Vbe in control of, be in charge over, rule overម៝ត់អ្វាញ់comp.Voversee, take care of, rule (in a benevolent way)'Biat'.SynDច្យាៈអ្វាញ់មឹតអ្វាញ់comp. ofមឹត3
ម៝ន1Nnephew, niece (ZD, ZS, BD, BS)Cpartកោញយើវា, clan
ម៝ន2Vform, shape, mold, sculpt (clay)
ម៝ន់Nto pretend??Simនទ្រា 1នទ្រា 2
ម៝ប់Simច្វាៈVhappen upon, meet together without an agendaម៝ប់ម៝ង់be beaten (with a stick)
ម៝ល់ADJunskilled, stupid, ignorant'Biat'.Antឞ្លាវSynDកាម៝ល់