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រ៝PRT.PO1right away, immediate2from now on; you believe X to come about, to be true3EMPHATIC4really, truly, INTENSIFIERSimងាន់1 1Synឞើស2
រ៝កCfខឹតខុរខ្វើងងក៝រ់ចោតឆ្រេបទុល1នត៝ង់អ្យ្រ៝ង់នតឺងទ្រឺងនអ៝កពឺង1រាចោនរាពាច់រាវាវរាអ៝ង់រឹលឹរើតទើតលេរខេរឞិចហាក់អោម2Vstraighten, stretch out (legs or arms)រ៝កជ៝ង់***Antក្លោន 1ក្លោន 2
រ៝គ៝(poetic complement for ញឆ្រុង)
រ៝ងSimងគ៝ង់2 2Vkeep, save, put aside, toleratecomp.ឞាៈអ៝សរ៝ងក៝នឞាៈ
រ៝ង់Vadmire, want, desirecomp.អុចរ៝ង់អុច1
រ៝ចVgut fish'Bunor'.SynDលោង1លោង3
រ៝តADV.Xextension of a house or a row of houses each housing a family; row of rooms/houses lined up door to doorcomp.ជៃ​រ៝តជៃជៃរ៝តcomp.flat
រ៝ប់dial. var.រាប់sp. var.រាប់Vtwo or more people doing sth together taking turnsតឹមរ៝ប់​តីexchange physical labor
រ៝ប់ព៝ប់ADVsee that sth is hollowហោម​នតោ​ទើម​រ៝ប់ព៝ប់***
រ៝ម1ADJattractive, suitable2Vaccept, be at peace with each otherទាន់​មៃ​រ៝ម​ពាង់​ទោ យ៝រ​លាស​ពាង់​អី​ឞូនុយ្ស​គ៝ប់​រ៝ង់​ហោ​ងាន់។...[I] ask that you accept him, because I love him very much!comp.វើតរ៝មវើត
រ៝ម់V1to tremble2dance
រ៝យNk.o. rice or grain
រ៝យ្សVto strip off by hand, e.g. grains from a stalkSimកាច់2
រ៝សVto lose, disappearSynខាត1យ៝តDerងគ្រ៝សរ៝សក៝នខៃcomp.the time when a pregnancy begins to show - or when theperiod stoppedSynរ៝សខៃcomp. ofរ៝សរ៝សក្លាក់ disappear completelyរ៝សខៃcomp.Cfឆៃឆាក់time when a woman stops menstruating due to pregnanccy;around the time when a pregnancy begins to showAntគែសឆាក់ 1comp. ofគែសគែសឆាក់ 2comp. ofគែសSynរ៝សក៝នខៃcomp. ofរ៝សរ៝សរាង៝ត់ disappearរ៝សហេងcomp.Vlose irretrievably, disappear, destroy
រ៝ៈ1PREP1alongខាន់​ពាង់​ញច្វាត់​មឞើស​រ៝​មា​ឞូនុយ្ស​គុ​រ៝ៈ​ប៝នThey ran and told the people in the village.2among
រ៝ៈ2V1to read, speak along doing sth2chantរ៝ៈនាវ recite, read, chant