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វ៝ក់Vto break off, rip off, pull sth over??Synវឹក
វ៝ក់​ក្វើយVto persuade the living to join you in the after-life After someone dies, then the dead person misses those he left behind, so he tries to persuade the living person to join him in Bri Phan.
វ៝ត់2Nរាញាទូនតីលរាតាវឆី,មោលាសរានាវជីទូនតីល ពាង់បឺអ៝ន់នើមទោស នទ្រែលលោសទោតាឆាក់នើម។
វ៝ត់វ៝ង់Vto forget about everything, e.g. place and time??Synវ៝ត់វឹង
វ៝ត់វឹងADJcareless, sloppyទាសមា​ងើយវ៝ត់វឹង***Synវ៝ត់វ៝ង់
វ៝ត់ឞោក​នហាវ​ឆាក់Nceremony that a person performs only once in their lives. The example sentences below are the formulas they follow for this ceremony.The requirements for this ceremony are​​ below
វ៝ន់1Vto carry side basket by strapping it on waist'Biat'.SynDវ៝ន់2វាន់1
វ៝ន់2Nk.o. tree used for it’s leaf when smokingKoh Neak and Memong say this is the best leaf for smokingSynDវ៝ន់1វាន់1
វ៝ម់Vslowly fall to ground; lowered to the ground
វ៝រ់V1to stir'Biat'.SynDវឹរ1វឹរ32to wrap around
វាCpartម៝ន1Nolder brothers and sisters of father or mother; older uncle/aunt; (M older B, M older Z, F older B, F older Z)'Bunor'.SynDយា, clancomp.កោញ​វាកោញ
វាកINTcall of a bear
វាក់1Simឆ្រ៝កVto trip
វាក់2Cfខានមឞ្លែលVbe stuckវាក់​រាឆែ***
វាងdial. var.លាវាង1PREPin between
វាង់1Cfក៝នតឹរcomp. ofក៝នVseek after; describes a constant and unrelenting search such as for a wife or lover, also for fish and for one's subsistence Simជ៝យវាង់កាcomp.V fish; look for fishវាង់កាឆា; work to sustain livelihoodSynជ៝យឆាcomp. ofជ៝យវាង់តឹរcomp.Cfក៝នមពុតADJpromiscuous, prostituteឞូអូរវាង់តឹរcomp.woman that sleeps around
វាង់2Vto ask for hand in marriageអោបវាង់ ask for hand in marriage
វាច់Vapproach, come, come all the way to hereIf one just states to ‘go’ then one hasn’t yet arrived. Simតាៈ1comp.ទាកវាច់ទាកវារ់ទាក1នាម់វាច់នាម់វារ់comp.Nk.o. spirit-fluteវាច់គូមcomp.Vassemble, come together
វាច់វេលN1whirlpool in a river or pool of water2cowlick of hair; place at the top of a person's head where you can see the direction their hair grows out (some people have two)
វាតNpass away, polite wordចែគ៝ប់វាតឞើសមាង់ត៝***Synខឹត