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ឞ៝ក1Nclothឞ៝ក​លាយ្សcomp.Nbolt of clothឞ៝កកាមាcomp.cloth, kromaឞ៝កខាន់comp.k.o. smaller cloth, e.g. shawlឞ៝កងក្រូមcomp.cloth for wrapping around for warmthឞ៝កឆូតcomp.k.o. very good clothឞ៝កហូលcomp.k.o. very good clothឞ៝កអាវcomp.Nclothes
ឞ៝ក2ADJlight grey color8.3.3.3Color
ឞ៝កងគូតអាវញឆ៝សclothes to wear
ឞ៝ងNedge-piece (e.g. bamboo on the edge of the bed platform);thicker piece of wood on the edge??ឞ៝ងឆុរ***ឞ៝ងគ្រែcomp.Nsides of a bed frameឞ៝ងឆ្រ៝ង់កាវcomp.water trough made out of a section of splitbamboo; trough used to temper steelឞ៝ងទាក bankឞ៝ងទឹងcomp.Nfield
ឞ៝ង់Cfញឆ៝យ្សលាហឺរN1full, whole; spacious, wide; clear; wide opening (e.g. culvert, a hole in clothing that is toobig to patch)2full moon
ឞ៝ញCfដិចSimញអាង់Vsoothe, appease, console, comfort, calm (e.g. with a child to get them to stop whining, also with a distraught or offended lover)'Bunor'.Simញជូង1ញហឹរញអូងដិចSynDលែង24.4.4.2Show sympathy, support
ឞ៝ត់Vto dam up a stream, cut off water flow'Biat'.SynDឞឹត
ឞ៝ន់PRO1st person plural inclusive; we'Biat'.SynDឞឹនហែ 1
ឞ៝ប់V1to be designated, spoken for, already being used for sthAntឆ៝យ្ស2to be busy