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ហ៝កCfខូក2Vto vomit
ហ៝ក់ហ៝ម់ADVmany times, unchanging, always the same
ហ៝ច1Vto flowSimហ៝រអ៝ន់ហ៝ចcomp.may it go along, may it happen
ហ៝ច2ADVto actually happen, successfully obtain, able to do, come to passលិចហ៝ចឆ៝ៈ(he) did not take (her) after all.គ៝ប់ហ៝ចគែសឆ៝ៈមៃI will come get you??Simទើយ2
ហ៝តVto eat directly with one's mouth e.g. corn, mango etc.The Bunong thinks it's more polite and less wasteful to not eat this way. It's better to remove the kernels of corn, then there's nothing wasted, or to cut the slices of mango, less messy.
ហ៝ត់Nk.o. tobacco, plant with leaves used forsmokingSynមហ៝ត់ 1ហាត់1
ហ៝នCfឆូយដែស2ព្រូSimឞឹកVgrow, sprout (once the plant breaks the soil surface)ហ៝នព្រូcomp.ដុះ​ព្រាត
ហ៝ម់postVimperative particle, aspect particle? implies hurriednessមឞាងហ៝ម់***
ហ៝រSimហ៝ច1Vto flow out, runពាង់ញុមហ៝រទាកមាត់She cried and had tears flowing.e.g. nose runs or drool flows out. Also for weeping.ហ៝រទាកទីវ droolហ៝រមុសcomp.1runny nose2runny nose
ហ៝សINTcall of a small deerហ៝សហែសcomp.ADVsound of breathing??
ហ៝ៈ1PRT.POEMPHATIC (often used with commands)ហើយកោញមៃ គុតាអ្យាហ៝ៈHey uncles, you all stay here, ok!2partnumfor a moment, for a while, for a second3preVreach, attainពាង់អេហ៝ៈហាន់អោស***4INTMODAL
ហា1Vto spread apart, open wide, e.g. open the mouthSynហាក
ហា2dial. var. ofអា1dial. var. ofអ្យា
ហា3dial. var. ofអា3
ហា4sp. var. ofអី2 2FOCUS
ហាកVto spread apart, open wide, e.g. open the mouthSynហា1
ហាក់Cfខឹតខុរខ្វើងងក៝រ់ចោតឆ្រេបទុល1នត៝ង់អ្យ្រ៝ង់នតឺងទ្រឺងនអ៝កពឺង1រ៝ករាចោនរាពាច់រាវាវរាអ៝ង់រឹលឹរើតទើតលេរខេរឞិចអោម21Vfall asleep2ADV.X(sleep) soundlyឞិចហាក់comp.1ដេក​លក់2to sleepហាក់(ឞិច)ឆ្វេប sleep soundly, connotation of involuntary
ហាង់ADJspicy hot