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baadv.nothing; merely; certainly; surely; ia li ba, I merely go; I just go; I will just go, and meaning that nothing shall prevent; a word used chiefly by children.
bais compounded with, and forms the termination of, several words; amba, kamba, chumba, yoba, hioba, chikimba, tokba, nahba, kbato, okbato, kbano, okbano.
bachalin.sing., (bachohli, pl.), a row; a course; a stick of timber lying straight, as a joist; sabaiyi bachali wia, my nephews; lit., my row of nephews; tanchi i̱hina bachali, rows of corn, i. e., the furrows and not the standing corn; (tanchi baiilli, a row of standing corn; takkon ʋpi ʋt baiilli, a row of peach trees).
bachaliv. t.sing., to make a furrow for planting corn; to lay in a straight line; iti tihlit bachali, to blaze trees in a line for a road.
bachayaa.prostrate, and lying in a row so as to touch all the way.
bachayav. a. i.sing., to lie connected in a line or row; tanchi i̱hina ʋt bacha̱ya, the corn rows are laid off; iti ʋt bachaya, the tree or the timber is laid; ahchʋba ʋt bok a̱bacha̱ya, a foot log lies across the creek.
bachayapass.laid in a line; laid off; lusa ʋt bachaya, the black (line) is laid, i. e., on a stick of timber for hewing; hina ʋt bachaya, the road is laid off, or the road is marked off.
bachayan.a row; a line; a course; a vein; hina bachaya, line of a road, Josh. 2:19.
bachohav. a., to lie in courses; hina ʋt bachoha, to lie in lines; issuba aiitintimia yat bachoha, the race paths for horses are laid off, or are there., rows; ranks; courses.
bachohapp., pass.laid in lines or courses.
bachohʋt ma̱yav. a. lie in rows or lines; hina ʋt bachohʋt ma̱ya hoka ishpisa chi̱, as the roads are laid off, you will see them.
bachohliv. lay in rows or lines; to make rows, lines or furrows for rows., rows., those that lay off in rows.
bachohma̱yan.a noun derived from the foregoing verb.
bafahav. a. grow, as a bush; osapa ʋt bafahʋt kʋnia, the field is grown over with bushes.
bafahan.a bush; a green bush; a thicket; bafaha and bafʋlli are both used for bush and bushes; bafaha chanli, cut a bush; bafʋlli chanli, cut the bushes; but bafʋha anu̱ka and bafʋlli anu̱ka, in the bushes, is proper.
bafʋ, bushes; a thicket; green brush.
bafʋlliv. a. grow, as bushes; osapa yʋt bafʋllit kʋnia, the field is grown over with bushes.
bafʋllia.shrubby; bushy.
bafʋlli fokaa.bushy; grown up with bushes (applied to a large place).
bafʋlli talaian.a clump; a tuft; a small thicket (applied to a small place).
bahapass.gored, stabbed, jabbed, by being struck with a straight forward blow; pricked; pierced; uski osh baha, the cane jabbed him, iti osh baha, the wood jabbed him, and bʋshpo yosh baha, the knife jabbed him, are transitive forms.
bahan.a jab; a stab; ba̱shpo baha, a knife stab; uski baha, a cane stab.