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ba̱hachin.baa, the cry of a sheep; chukfi ʋt ba̱hachi, the sheep says ba̱h or ba̱a̱h.
bahafapass.gored, stabbed, or jabbed by being struck with a blow that comes up, as cows do when they hook; ʋlla nakni ʋt bahafa, the boy is gored.
bahʋffiv. t.sing., to gore; to stab; to jab; to pierce; to stick; to thrust with an upward motion, as hogs with their tusks and cattle with horns, and to thrust a man with a knife with the point up.
bahʋffin.a stabber; a gorer.
bahliv. stab; to gore; to hook and jab; to strike straight forward; to jab; to beat up the materials for making bahpo; to dagger; to dirk; to pick; to prick; to push; to spur; to stick; to beat, as meat in a mortar; to thrust; to pierce, John 19:34; Rev. 1:7; iti̱bahli, to gore each other; issi nipi ya̱ bahli, beat the venison; tu̱shpʋt bahli ho̱, or tushpʋt bahli ho̱, make haste and beat it!
bahlin.a stabber; one that gores or hooks; a thruster; a beater.
bahlin.a push; a stab; a thrust.
bahlichiv. make anything stab, gore, etc.
bahpon.a kind of nut pudding made of corn and peanuts.alsobʋppo
bahpopass. of bahpuli (q. v.), made into a nut pudding; bahpot ʋlhtaha, it is beaten and ready.
bahpuliv. beat up parched corn and parched peanuts for bahpo; to pound corn and peanuts for bahpo. The corn and peanuts are both parched and then beaten or pounded together. The meat of hickory nuts is sometimes used.
bahtan.a bag; a pack; a budget; a knapsack; a scrip; a wallet, Matt. 10:10, bahta ʋt iksho, no scrip, Mark 6:8. This word differs but little from shukcha (q. v.); hʋpi shukcha, salt sack, kafi shukcha, coffee sack, are used, but not bahta.
bahta chiton.a bale; a big bag.
bahta chito abehliv. bale, or to put up in a bale or big bag; tanchi a̱ bahta chito yo̱ abehli, to put up corn in a big bag.
bahta chito ʋbihapass.baled; put up in a bale.
bahta chito hoshi̱sh aiʋlhton.a tick; a bed tick; lit., a big bag holding feathers.
bahta shinuk aiʋlhton.a sandbag; a bag having sand in it.
bahtushin.a pouch; a small bag; a satchel; a scrip; a wallet.
baiʋlliv. a. stand in files or rows; or baiilli (q. v.).
baiʋllit a̱yav. a. move in a single file.
baiʋllit ʋlav. a. arrive in a row.
baiʋllit heliv. a., to stand in ranks.
baiʋllit hikav. a. i.sing., to stand in a row or single file.