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ka limiting particle and suffix; k is compounded with ʋt, , and ah; k has reference to the preceding word; ʋt is nom. and agrees; is obj. and is governed by k, iak fehna, Mark 13:1; katiohmik, Matt. 13:4; anumpulik fehna, Matt. 9:18, a demonstrative or a definite article, the. The examples show this, and that it is not a contraction; antak fehna; tahlapik, Luke 3:1; nunak fehna, ahashwak fehna, Luke 3:2 [?]. Ilʋppa, ilʋppak; nanta, nantak; yʋmma, yʋmmak; achik fena ako̱, John 4:27 [?]. k is the sign of the demonstrative and definite article pronouns, as ak, hak, yak, kak, mak. It follows verbs and nouns also, k being suffixed to the preceding word.
ksign of the past tense, as chumpak, which may be a contraction from chumpa tuk, he bought; he did buy; here k limits the act of buying. It is thus like don’t in English, k is a contracted form of the adv. kʋmo, as in ialek, I went (for iali kʋmo). k is here a demonstrative of action, in the past tense, indefinite, or aorist; used in the nasal form, hlako̱ffik.
kaart. and rel. pron., in the accus. case or dative case, the which; the one which; that which, John 4:14, 29. puta ka, these, in the ob. case, Matt. 1:20; 2:3; k is distinctive; a, objective.
kaadv.perhaps; ishla ka, Luke 4:34 [?]; spoken by way of inquiry. The interrogative tone makes it adverbial.alsokah
kaeuphonic, for sound’s sake, in the neg. forms of verbs, future tense, etc.; akpesokachi, akpesokahe, akpesoka hinla, akpesoka wa, akpesoka heto; the k is suffixed to the verb. Perhaps this k has a designating sense, as ke and ki, in the neg. form; akpeso ketuk, akpesoketuk, akpesakitok, akpesokitok.
kabakn.a noise made by a single blow; a blow; a knock.
kabakachiv. a. make a noise.
kabakʋ, knocks; blows.
kabakʋchiv. a. ring; to sound when knocked.
kabukn.a blow; a rap; a knock, made on a hollow thing, as a hollow tree.
kabukachiv. a. ring.
kachakʋchechiv. cause to squeak.
kacha̱yapp.cut with shears.
kacheliv. t.sing., to cut with shears or scissors; kachohli, pl. who cuts with shears; a shearer.
kachi̱sign of first future indic., neg. form, as iklokachi̱, he will not come.
kachoaa.having an edge or border like saw teeth or yam leaves; see kalaskʋchi.alsokachowa
kachombia.hard, as a swelling; swelled; caked.alsokachumbikochombi
kachombiv. be hard, etc.; hichi ʋt kachombi; ofosik ikonla yʋt shatalit kachomba, the puppy’s neck is swollen hard.
kachombin.a hard swelling; a cake in the flesh; a bunch; a cancer; a cancerous swelling; a scirrhus; a tumor.
kachombi tobav. a. swell; to become swollen.
kachukhlampulechiv. spin, as a spider; to make a web.