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ohulmochiv. cover; to cause to be covered; tanchi a̱ ohulmochi; aboha ya̱ ohulmochi.
oiyav. ascend; to go up; to mount; to back (a horse); to climb, Matt. 5:1; 14:23; 15:29; 17:1; Josh. 6:5; to run up; to scale; to get on; to arise; to rise; hatak ʋt nʋni ha̱ oiya; shaui ʋt iti a̱ oiya; isht oiya, to take up, Matt. 4:8.alsooia
oiyan.ascent; a mounter; one who ascends; a climber; a rise; a rising.
oiyʋchiv. cause to ascend; to tree; fʋni ya̱ iti oiyʋchi, or fʋni ya̱ iti ʋboiyachi, to compel a squirrel to ascend a tree.
okfrom oh, the verbal o, and k, determinative. See hok and compounds. Compounds are: okakanto, art. pron., the, Matt. 18:7, distinctive from other objects — akaka̱ (Ishmayʋbi used this form) — okma, used for whether; lit., if so, or then if so, see Mark 2:9; Matt. 15:4, 5; derived from o, the auxiliary verb, affirmative, k, the demonstrative art. pron., and ma, the additional definite; when that is then, if that is then — okʋno, distinctive article in the obj. case, showing a contrast or comparison; ilʋppak okʋno, Matt. 11:16; nitak okʋno, Matt. 5:43; 11:22; 18:7; nom. case, okʋto, Matt. 6:2; 12:31, 32; Josh. 2:4; okmak ohmakokmakaokmakanookmakatookmakheokmakhenookmakhet, especially that, by way of a disparaging comparison — okmakheto okmako̱okmakochaokmakokaokmakokanookmakokʋtokmakokʋtookmakokeokmakokiaokmakonaokmakoshokmakotokmano, okmʋnookmʋtokmʋto.
okan.water; aqua; liquor; a liquid; whisky; wet; ardent spirits; oka ya̱, the water, Matt. 14:28; oka ishko, to drink liquor; oka kapʋssa ishko, to drink cold water.
oka abichan.a tap hole; a tunnel; a funnel; a faucet; a waterspout; a spout for water.
oka abicha isht ʋlhkʋman.a spigot; a tap; a spile; a cork; a stopple.
oka abicha isht shʋnan.a tap that is put in with a screw or that has a screw on one end.
oka abichelin.a cock; a brass cock; a conduit.
oka aialakan.a shore; a coast; haiyip oka aialaka; okhʋta oka aialaka; okhina oka aialaka.
oka aiʋbiv. drown.alsooka aiillichi
oka aiʋlhton.a tub; a water-trough; a cistern; a vat; a water-piggin; a pitcher.
oka aiʋlhto chiton.a tank.
oka aiilliv. a. drown.
oka aiishkon.a tippling house; a grocery [groggery?].
oka aiyanʋllin.a channel; a water channel.
oka akanchin.a tap house.
oka alakan.a shore; a coast, Luke 5:3; haiyip alaka; okhina alaka.
oka a̱lhton.a piggin.
oka alibishan.a skillet.
oka atalaian.a pool; a reservoir.
oka ayanʋllin.a sluice; a water furrow.