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achʋfav. be one; to be single; achʋfa yoke, it is one; imachʋfa, for him one, or, he has one; ikachʋfo, neg. form, not one; ibaiachʋfa, Matt. 5:25; acha̱fa, nasal form.
achʋfav. a. i.ishachʋfa; isht ilachʋfa, Gen. 1:11; achʋfali, I make one; I do one; achʋfa sia, I am one.
achʋfa atampaa.plural; more than one.
achʋfa yukaadjective, distributive pronouneach one; achʋfa aiyukʋt kohchʋt ihi̱ya mʋt, John 8:9; achʋfa aiyukali, every one, Josh. 6:5; hatak achʋfaiyukali, man by man, Josh. 7:16.
achʋfahpifrom achʋfa and ahpiv. a. be the first one; the being the first one: achʋfampi, nasal form and a., neither; with a neg., achʋfampi keyu; achʋfampi kia keyu, not either; not even one; not the first one.
achʋfaliv. give one; to do one; to single out one, Matt. 6:24; Gen. 2:21; achʋfalichit aii̱hotofahia̱ ʋlhpesahatok, for of necessity he must release one, Luke 23:17.
achʋfalichiv. select out one; to make one of all, Eph. 1:10.
achʋfalitadv.achʋfalit ishi, each one take; individually take; achʋfalit i̱nukkilli cha, or individually, Luke 16:13; acha̱fat, an abbreviation; acha̱fat ofi ʋt ʋbi, for achʋfalit ofi ʋt ʋbi, the dog singled out one and killed it.
achʋfoaa.(see achafoa), John 8:9 [in the printed edition achʋfa].
achʋfonaa.(from achʋfa one, and ona to reach to), even one; as much as one; perhaps one, Matt. 5:30; 6:29, 10:29; 18:6, 10, 12.
achʋfonʋchiv. make one; to select one out, Luke 9:36.
achʋ addition, piece spliced on.
achʋkayaa.splaced at.
achʋnaiyav. i.siachʋnaiya hoka (perhaps a misprint for siahʋnaiya hoka; see ahinna).
achʋpiv. play at a certain game of chance in vogue among the Choctaw. This is an ancient game, not in much use now; pass., alhchʋpi.alsoahchʋpi
achʋpin.a player of the above; one that plays; the play.
achchukmaliv. t.intensive form, Matt. 17:11; to improve; to repair; to make good; to ameliorate; to benefit; to better; to rectify; to regulate; to substantiate; ilaiachukmali, to justify himself, yʋmmak ashot ilaiʋachukmali bʋnna kʋt, he is willing to justify himself; Luke 10:29.
achebaa.mischievous; troublesome.
achebav. be mischievous.
achebʋchiv. a. preserve; to hold out.
achefav. wash; to cleanse, Matt. 15:2; pass., ahchifa, to be washed, Mark 7:5; ilaiachifa, to wash one’s self, John 2:6; to purify; pass., ʋlchefa, John 13:10; ikahchifo, unwashen, Matt. 15:20; ʋlhchefa, pp., washed.alsoahchifa
achiv. a. say; to speak; to call; to assert; to declare; to answer; quoth (as quoth he; quoth I); to rehearse; to suggest; to utter; John 1:21; 3:1; 4:25; 1 Sam. 9:9. aiachi, pro., ahanchi, freq., Matt. 7:27, 28; aiahanchi, pro. and freq. achi a̱sha, to be said; this is an expression, not the passive form of achi; achitok a̱ a̱shʋshke, Luke 4:12; ikacho, not to say, the neg. form of achi; ikacho, a., undetermined; unsaid. achishke, they say, Matt. 11:19. achit, adv., or a verb, to say and; when two verbs are thus united the first has an adverbial sense as in Heb., achit anumpuli, really to say; really to speak; to say what he means; lit., he says and speaks; achit hochifo, to call by name; lit., he says and names. achit anohli, v., to speak freely; without fear; lit., he says and declares.