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acha̱fanasal form, from achʋfa onea.being one out of a number.
achafoaa.a few and scattering; here and there one; not many; rare; precious, 1 Sam. 3:1; achafoa, pass., singled out.
achafoachiv. t.caus., to select a few; to take a few; to cause a few to be taken.
achafohav. be a few; achafo̱ha (nasal form), being a few.
achafohlechiv. t.caus., to select a few; to take here and there one; to single out, Matt. 25:32.alsoʋchafohlichi
achafohliv. select a few.
achakan.a continuation.
achakapass.spliced (from achakʋli), continued; itʋchaka, pass., joined together, reannexed, spliced, united, welded; ikitʋchako, a., unconnected, not welded.
acha̱kaa.(nasal form), succeeding, following, next; itʋcha̱ka, v. a. i., to join together.
achakalechiv. continue; to add.
achakʋchiv. cause to advance.
achakʋlechiv. t.caus., to continue; to add on; to join to; itachakʋlechi, v. t., to reannex; achakalinchi (nasal form), to add; to continue; achakalinchimʋt, he added when, Luke 19:11.
achakʋliv. t.sing., to splice; to add to; to new lay an edge tool; applied to putting steel to an ax; to piece; to scarf; to subjoin; to unite; to weld; ilʋchakʋli, to splice together; to couple; to join; to scarf; hʋsh ilachakʋli, Matt. 6:27.
achakʋ that splices, or new lays.alsoachakʋllechi
achakʋliv. i.(achakanli, nasal form; achakakanli, freq.), to advance, to continue; ʋba chakali Josh. 5:13 and akkachakali, are perhaps formed from this word.
achakliv. of achakʋli, to splice, etc.; ʋlhchʋka, pass. sing.; ʋlhchʋkoa, pass. pl.; itachakli (Heb. 4:12), “joints;” itachakʋchi, n., a joint; v. t., to splice and join together. that splices.
achayav. be wont; to be accustomed to a place, as animals; wak ʋt achayʋt taha, the cattle are wont; ikachayo, a., unwonted.
acha̱yan.1a cutting block; a chopping block; place cut, or wounded; a gash made by an ax; pass., wounded at, or there;2a wound.
achayʋchiv. t.caus., to accustom a creature to a place so that it will stay there; to wont; to habituate to a place.
achʋban.a log foot-bridge; a log lying across a creek on which to pass over. [ahchʋp is the word for footlog in use among the Mississippi Choctaw — H. S. H.]alsoasʋchʋpasʋlbʋshasʋlhchʋphahchʋba
achʋfan.oneness; singleness; a unit; unity.alsoachʋffa
achʋ; the other; another; a; an; certain; individual; particular; simple; single; sole; undivided, Matt. 8:18; 12:6; 17:4; salap achʋfa, one; nanashʋchi achʋfa, Luke 15:7; hatak achʋfa, a man, a certain man, Luke 15:11; ninak achʋfa, a night, or all night.