a dative pronoun first per. sing., my; to or for me; as, a̱holisso, my book. Written also am and an; as amisuba, my horse, lit., horse to or for me; a̱holitopa, Matt. 3:17. When it stands before a verb, or a word where a verb is understood, it is generally translated by a preposition; as, for me, to me, of me, from me; a̱holissochi, write for me, or to me; a̱pota, lend me; a̱chumpa, buy of me, or buy for me; written also ʋm, as ʋmithʋna, to learn of me. In the negative forms this pronoun is written sa̱ and sʋm; as iksa̱chumpo, iksʋmiksho, I have none, or there is none by me; chiksa̱peso, you have not seen of mine, or for me.