chosign of a question and having an adverbial meaning also, like eh! in English, Matt. 2:2; 18:1; Luke 3:12; cho implies ignorance in those who inquire. It implies a question and a demand for an answer. It is a strong interrogative word; impa cho? Matt. 9:11; compounds are yakohmichi cho? John 2:18; akcho? akchuba? or akchu? (which last is said to be a contracted form of (ak)chuba), see Luke 7:19, 20; hʋssiachi cho? Luke 6:46. akchu̱? nanta chi̱ cho? Matt. 11:3; akcho is used in disjunctive forms of interrogation, or, Matt. 11:3; 1 Kings 20:15; 2 Sam. 24:13; choba, chuba, or chomba is the perfect form of the word; it is used in asking questions where there is an alternative.alsoha