Cahto - English


beeʾolhnaaʾlet him roast itopt.3anim.+ 3 obl.P-ee-(ghin)..lhnaa/naaʾroast P
beeʾteeghilhshaaʾshe mixed it in (sand)perf.3anim.+ 3 obl.P-ee-t-(ghin)..lhshaaʾmix O into P
beeʾtghinsiiʾshe had her head against itperf.3anim.+ 3 obl.P-ee-t-(ghin)..siiʾplace one's head against P
beechʾaandoiʾn apoor man, poor personantbichʾaang-lhaanrich mansim.teeshoobeendoipoor people6.8.1.3Poorcomp. ofb-3sg/pl poss.chʾaang2fooddoifew
beechʾilgeettcn aring and pin game, pierced bone game, salmon spearing game4.2.6.1Gameder. ofP-ee-1on/against Pchʾ-3Indefl-l-classifier√GEET/GEEH/GOTpierce/spear-tcdiminutive suffixlittle one spearing st./salmon against it
beechʾisgheelhhe tied it up as a loadperf.3+ 3indf. obj.+ 3 obl.P-ee-(s)..gheelhtie up a load
beedilnaaʾlet us roast itopt.1pl.+ 3 obl.P-ee-(ghin)..lhnaa/naaʾroast P
beedilʾaiʾlet us try itopt.1pl.+ 3 obl.P-ee-(nin)..lʾaiʾtry P
beedilhwe climb itimpf.1pl.+ 3 obl.P-ee-(s)..dilh/deelʾpl. climb P
beedingit is deadimpf.+ 3 obl.P-ee..dinP to die/be missing
beegheeshkeeghI am finishingprog.1sg.+ 3 obl.P-ee-(ghees)..lhkeegh/keeʾfinish P
beeghideelhit is dying, going to dieprog.+ 3 obl.P-ee-gh..deelhbe dying
beeghilhnaaʾyou (sg) roasted itperf.2sg.+ 3 obl.P-ee-(ghin)..lhnaa/naaʾroast P
beeghittʾeeghhe taught themperf.3+ 3 obl.P-ee-(ghin)..ttʾeeghP to be taught
beeghiilhnaaʾI roasted itperf.1sg.+ 3 obl.P-ee-(ghin)..lhnaa/naaʾroast P
Beehshoochinmiiʾn aHorseshoe Bend Rancheria, Beeshoochinmii' RancheriawhSiintkwot-kiiyaahaangSouth Fork Eel River bandsim.BeeniichiiʾHorseshoe Bend9.7.2.03Names of villages/towns9. areacomp. of=biiʾin it in Pbeehshoochin valley
beekohloosyou (pl.) lead him up it; lead him up! (pl)impf.2pl.+ 3anim. obj.+ 3 obl.P-ee-(s)..looslead O up against P
beekwsingit is uglyimpf.3areal+ 3 obl.P-ee-kw..sinP to be ugly
beelchown alarge ropegenbeelhropematkaansoolbig leaf maple7.5.4.1Rope, stringder. ofbeelhrope-chowaugmentativecfbeelhchowtwine
Beeldjingn aBelgian, Soldier Frank, Belgian Frank9.7.1.1Personal names
beelgeetn a1salmon spear point; fish spear headmattsʾing 1bone6.4.5.3Fishing equipment2fish spearptbeeniishprongs6.4.5.3Fishing equipment3harpoon6.4.5.3Fishing equipmentder. ofP-ee-1on/against Pl-l-classifier√GEET/GEEH/GOTpierce/spear=iNOM
beelghaaln abeamwhyeehhouseyiichow 1dance-house6.5.2Parts of a buildingder. ofP-ee-1on/against Pl-l-classifier√GHAALH/GHAALʾpropel stick-like/animate O
beelkaatsn aspear shaft, pole6.4.5.3Fishing equipmentder. ofP-ee-1on/against Pl-l-classifier√KAATS1stem/shaft
beelkeeʾit was finishedperf.+ 3 obl.P-ee..ghilkeeʾP to be finished
beelʾaiʾit/they triedimpf.3+ 3 obl.P-ee-(nin)..lʾaiʾtry P