Cahto - English


kweetcʾeekhis sister-in-law3anim. poss.*gheetcʾeeksister-in-law (man's)
kw-(ghin)..loo/looʾvtfool P, deceive P4.3.5.5Deceivekwilooyou (sg.) fool him; fool him! (sg.)der. ofkw-3gh-1gh-conjugation√LOO/LOOʾdeceive
kwghinghiingshe brought it downperf.3+ 3 obj.ko-(ghin)..ghish/ghiinbring down load O
kwi-1var.var. ofko-2areal subject/object
kwi-2var.var. ofko-1down/downhill
kwilooyou (sg.) fool him; fool him! (sg.)impf.2sg.+ 3anim.ʾfool/deceive P
-kwilʾiingnsuffixtreated like9.2.9.2Noun affixesder. ofkw-23sg/pl objectl-l-classifier√ʾIIN1do/act=iNOMhe is treated likeTlʾghishlaa-kwilʾiingn aSnake Hand (man's name)
kwilhwith him/heraccomp.+ 3anim. obl.*ilhwith P
kwilhʾingthey tell himimpf.3+ 3anim. obj...lhʾintell O
kwilhchʾiteeln achildbirthreg.ching-bilhʾaaghingholhscratching stick2.6.3Birthder. ofkw-13sg/pl possessive prefix (unmentioned referent): one's, his, her, their*ilhwith Pchʾ-3Indef√TEELHwide/flat=iNOMchʾ-(s)..lhteelhspread beddingmaking a bed with her
kwilhghilhit carries him alongprog.3+ 3anim. load O along
kwilhkwolhnikyou (pl.) tell himimpf.2pl.+ 3anim. obl.P-ilh-kwi..lhniktell P
kwilh-noonaadigheeʾlet us leave it with heropt.1pl.+ 3 obj.+ 3anim. obl.P-ilh-noonaa-(nin)..ghish/ghiinleave load O with P
kwilhsdaathey sat with himperf.3+ 3anim. obl.P-ilh-s..daasg. sit with P
kwilhyaaʾnaakaaʾghityiintwo (doctors) are standing with himperf.3anim.+ 3anim. obl.dist.P-ilh-naakaaʾ-(ghin)..tyiintwo doctor P
kwin-v11-adverbialpfxadverbial prefix: pursuing (w/ stem yoot) ( fr. 3sg + ?? ??)6.4.1Hunt
kwinaashdaaʾlet me come down it/hillopt.1sg.ko-naa-(ghin)..daash/tyaasg. come down it/hill
kwiniiyoolhthey follow him alongprog.3obv.+ 3anim. obl.P-in-gh..yoolhfollow P along
kwinsʾisnolhkeeʾhe tracks usperf.3anim.+ 1pl. obj.P-in-(s)..lhkeeʾtrack O chasing
kwinthis cousin3anim. poss.*intcousin
kwinteeyou (sg.) let it go; let it go! (sg.)ko..teerelease/let O.go
kwinteesyootthey chased himperf.3+ 3anim. obl.P-in-ti-(s)..yootchase P
kwintghiiyootthey chased himperf.3+ 3anim. obl.P-in-t-(gh)..yootrun P down
kwintinyootthey run after himperf.3+ 3anim. obl.P-in-ti-(n)..yootrun after P
kwintchis/her nose; their noses3anim. poss.*intcnose