Cahto - English


o-v3-modepfxoptative mode; permission, command9.2.9.1Verb affixes9.4.3Moodsdaaʾoneeshʾanginterwhat will happen?
ochaaghlet it be largeopt.3n..chaaghbe large
oh-v2-subjectpfxyou (pl)9.2.3Pronounsnohdooʾinterjgo ahead! come/go ahead!shnohdinginterjshut up! (pl)
ohdiisyou (pl.) singe it; singe it! (pl.)impf.2pl.+ 3 obj.(ghin)..diiscook/singe O
ohghaanyou (pl.) kill them; kill them! (pl.)impf.2pl.+ 3 obj.(nin)..ghaankill pl. O
ohghaasyou (pl.) scrape it; scrape it! (pl.)impf.2pl.+ 3 obj.(ghin)..ghaasscrape O
ohkaanyou (pl.) net it/fish; net it! (pl.) [impf.2pl.+ 3 obj.(ghin)..kaash/kaancatch fish in net
ohkaashyou (pl.) catch fish in net; catch fish! (pl.)impf.2pl.+ 3 obj.(ghin)..kaash/kaancatch fish in net
ohkʾinʾyou (pl.) twist withes; twist them! (pl.)impf.2pl.+ 3 obj.(ghin)..kʾinʾtwist O/withes
ohleeghyou (pl.) become; become!impf.2pl.(s)..leegh/liinʾbecome
ohlitcyou (pl.) urinate; urinate! (pl.)impf.2pl.(ghin)..litcurinate
ohsityou (pl.) pound them; pound them! (pl.)impf.2pl.+ 3 obj.(ghin)..sitpound up O
ohtanʾyou (pl.) hold it; hold it! (pl.)impf.2pl.+ 3 obj.(nin)..tanʾhold on to O
ohtlʾooyou (pl.) weave it; weave it! (pl.)impf.2pl.+ 3 obj.(s)..tlʾoo/tlʾoonweave O weave
oleeh1let it becomeopt.3(s)..leegh/liinʾbecomelet it become
oleeh2let it become Xopt.3(s)..leegh/liinʾbecome
oloolet it hailopt.3..loo1hail (v)
olsailet it/them dryopt.3..lsaidry up
olhcheetyou (pl.) catch it; catch it! (pl.)impf.2pl.+ 3 obj...lhchit/cheetcatch O
olhgheeʾyou (pl.) whip himimpf.2pl.+ 3 obj...lhgheeʾkill/whip sg. O
olhkʾanlet her build a fireopt.3+ 3 obj.(s)..lhkʾaanbuild a fire
olhkʾaanyou (pl.) build a fire; build a fire! (pl.)impf.2pl.+ 3 obj.(s)..lhkʾaanbuild a fire
olhsaanyou (pl.) found/saw itperf.2pl.(0)..lhsis/saanfind/see O
olhsilhyou (pl) peck it; peck it! (pl)impf.2pl.+ 3 obj.(s)..lhtsilh/tsiilʾpeck stone
olhtcanyou (pl.) clean it/stomach out; clean it out! (pl.)impf.2pl.+ 3 obj...lhtcanclean out stomach (of animal)

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