*chiiʾn ia1tail1.6.2.3Parts of a fish1.6.2Parts of an animal2mouth1.3.1.3River3butt, buttocks2.1.2Torso4north end, south endant*siiʾ 4north/south end8.5.2.8North, south, east, west5big end, butt end8.ʾmy buttkwchiiʾhis tail*shchiiʾuuchiiʾits tailuuchiiʾ-biiʾin its bottomuuchiikwʾiton its tailBeeniichiiʾn aHorseshoe Bend (Mitchell's)Chʾnankatchiiʾn aDeer Lick Creek Mouth villagecheeʾneesn amountain lionchii-vtail (incorporated form)Kʾaiʾtc-chiiʾn aPeterson Creek Mouth villageKʾashtaahchiiʾn aGrub Creek Mouth villageLheetcghaaʾtoochiiʾn aJack of Hearts Creek Mouth villagenaalhghii chii-tcgholtcn abobtailed dogNaasliingchiiʾn aSouth Fork Eel RiverNeeʾlhsowchiiʾn aMud Springs Creek Mouth villageNeeʾuuchiiʾdingn aWorld Its Tail PlaceNooniitcing-uuʾaangʾchiiʾn aGrizzly's Den Creek MouthSeeliingchiiʾn aHardy Creek mouthSeelhaanchiiʾn aDeHaven Creek MouthSeesʾaanchiiʾn aDeHavenShoochiiʾn aUsal FlatTʾangʾlhtcintcchiiʾn aBlack Leaf Creek Mouth villageTlʾohdaiʾchiiʾn aDutch Henry Creek Mouth villageTlʾohlhgaichiiʾn aRedwood Creek Mouth villageTlʾohtooʾtcchiiʾ1n aLittle Prairie Water Creek Mouth villageTlʾohtooʾtcchiiʾ2n aLittle Charlie Creek Mouth village

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