kʾantaaghitcn ajackrabbit, black-tail jackrabbitLepus californicus"Rabbit, hair scorched off, pounded with acorn pestle on flat rock; meat, intestines roasted." (Loeb, p.47)Haakwdangʾ kʾantaaghiitc, daahtaitc ndooʾ yaaʾnii.At that time there were no jackrabbits or grey squirrels,they say.GT01 1.59"Kʾantaaghiitc lhaa-manjaaʾ dii tsʾisnooʾ-kwʾit."Let there be many jackrabbits on this mountain."GT02b 37.7"(lhaang) kʾantaaghiitc chʾohyaa-man, uudjiiʾolhtik-bang," tcʾin yaaʾnii.You all will kill and eat (many) jackrabbits," he said, they say.GT07 21.3genlhoongʾ 2rodentcnstdilniikʾ 2bone whistlekʾantaaghitc sitsʾ ghittlʾoongrabbitskin blanketsim.sdaitccottontail5. Mammals (as food) comp. form of√KʾAAN2burn*taahamong P=iNR-tcdiminutive suffixpossibly "little one among the burns"Source forms: kan‑tá‑k̥itskʼûn ta gitskʼûn ta gits, kʼûn ta gītsk̟an ta gits, k͓ûn ta gīts, kûn ta gits, kûn ta/tga gits, kûn tadj ʽkwe ??kꜝantʿáɡitsˑkŭntaiitckahn´-ti´-itchkontaic

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