kai-hitadvwintertime, winter seasonKai-hit, ghintʾanʾkʾit, Laasheeʾlhgaitc, Geesnaaʾ, Shaaneeschow, Yiinaading-Kwolkitchow, Chiilhtciik, Tʾanʾlhtik, Tlʾoh-Dilkʾis, daangʾ ghindaanit, shiin-lhʾat, Naaghitlhit-it, tcʾninyai.Wintertime, in the Fall -- Buckeyes White month, Salmon Eye month, Big Long Month, Slippery Doorway month, Red Stick month, Leaves Burth month, Brown Grass month -- when it had already become spring, mid-summer, Burnt Around month, he arrived.GT08 47.3ptChinlhtciik6-February/March "Red Stick"Konʾchowlittc5-January/February "Big Fire Burning"Shaaneeschow4-December/January "Big Long Month"Tʾanʾlhtciik6-February/March "Red Leaf"Tʾaanʾltik5-January/February "Leaves Burst"Yiinaading-Kwolhkitchow4-December/January "Slippery Doorway"synghinkaiʾwinterkai1winter season8.4.1.5Seasonder. ofkai1winter=hitwhenkx̣aid "winter"kái-hit 'winter-time'Source forms: kai hītʼkai hit, kai hûtKi´-hetkaihit

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