(s)..lhtcii/tciinʾvt1make O, create O9.1.2.5Make2cause X9.6.2.5Cause3gather O, harvest O, collect O6.2.5Harvestchʾistciingʾhe made itdiltciiʾlet's gather itilhtcii2you (sg.) gather it; gather it! (sg.)ishtciiI make it; I gather itishtciiʾlet me gather itolhtciiyou (pl.) make/cause it; make it! (pl.)sdiltciinʾwe gathered itsilhtciingʾyou (sg.) gathered itsiilhtciinʾI gathered itsolhtciingʾyou (pl.) gathered ittcʾilhtciinʾhe gathered ittcʾoolhtciiʾlet him make/gather ittsʾistciingʾhe made ityaaʾolhtciiʾlet them gather ityaaʾstciinʾthey gathered ityaalhtciithey make Vyaastciinʾthey gathered itder. ofs-1s-conjugation/modelh-1lh-classifier√TCII/TCIINʾmake/gatherchʾ-(s)..lhtcii/tciiʾvtgather st./seedschʾ-(s)..lhtcii/tciinvtgive birth to st.nindaash-ilhtciin aacorn top (toy)

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