(ghin)..kaash/kaanvtcatch fish in net6.4.5.1Fish with netdikaaʾlet's catch it/fish in a netghinkaangyou (sg.) caught it/fish in netinkaashyou (sg.) catch it in net; catch it! (sg.)ishkaaʾ2I catch it/fish in netishkaaʾ1let me catch itohkaanyou (pl.) net it/fish; net it! (pl.) [ohkaashyou (pl.) catch fish in net; catch fish! (pl.)tcʾghinkaanhe netted it/fishtcʾkaashhe caught them/fishtcʾokaaʾlet him catch it in netyaaʾkaashthey net it/fishyaaʾokaaʾlet them catch fishder. ofgh-1gh-conjugation√KAA2catch fish in net

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