(s)..lhtsilh/tsiilʾvtpeck stoneas to make a pestle or maul"Uuʾeest olhsilh," tcʾin yaaʾnii."You all peck stone pestles," he said, they say.GT07 25.8ilsilhPeck it! (sg.)S-KLM 167.1madebilhnoonghilsilstone mauluuʾeest 1pestle6.6.2.7Working with stoneimpf. 2sg.+ 3 obj.ilsilhyou (sg.) peck it; peck it! (sg.)impf. 2pl.+ 3 obj.olhsilhyou (pl) peck it; peck it! (pl)der. ofs-s-conjugation/modelh-1lh-classifier√TSILH/TSIILʾpound (repeatedly)O-(s)-ł-tsil/tse:tł' "pound, drive, nail O"Source forms: ōʟ sûʟōʟ sûʟōL sûLû́l sûł

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