Chinlhtciikn aFebruary/March, "Red Stick" month6th month, beginning with the late-Winter new moon; late Winter when the larger steelhead (chinlhtciik) ran; "January" (Loeb), "March" (Essene)
5th month in list in (Goddard notebook I, p.26), between Shaaneeschow and T'an'lhtik
whkai-hitwinter seasonsynChilhtciik5-January/February "Red Stick"Konʾchowlittc5-January/February "Big Fire Burning"Tʾanʾlhtciik6-February/March "Red Leaf"Tʾaanʾltik5-January/February "Leaves Burst" of the year
der. ofchinlhtciiksteelhead salmonSource forms: tcīʟ tcīktcīʟ tcīk, kī ʟ cīktcuñłtcikculcik

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