Nooniitcing-uuʾaangʾchiiʾn aGrizzly's Den Creek Mouth, "Bear-kind's Den Creek Mouth""Grizzly nest place. On the south side of a dry gulch." (Goddard, APS44Cahto7?, notebook 6)wh(Kwonteelhtcbiiʾ-kiiyaahaang)Streeter Creek Valley bandsynNooniitcing-uuʾangdingGrizzly's Den PlaceNooniitcingʾangdingGrizzly Den Place9. Creek area9.7.2.03Names of villages/townscomp. ofnooniibear-tcingsort/kindb-3sg/pl poss.*ʾaangden/nest*chiiʾtailSource forms: nō nī tcīñ ū añ kī'

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