-uuyeehnsuffixunder8., belowder. ofb-3sg/pl poss.*P-yeehunder Pcommon in place names located under (figuratively or literally) a landform, vegetation type, etc.chingwiiyeehadvunder a treeDistʾeegits'-iiyiwn aUnder the Small Madrone villageKʾashyiiʾuuyeehtookwotn aWindem CreekKonʾtceeʾwiiyeehn aNoyoNeeʾiiyiihn aUnder the Land villageSeenaatʾai-uuyeehn aUnder the Upright Stone villageShilhshiiyeetoodingn aKibesillahShilhtcyiitoodingn aKibesillahTcʾindinteelhagh-uuyeehn aUnder Sick Man Jump villageyee-uuyeehadvunder the house

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