tkooʾiishtcn a1prim.golden chinquapin, giant chinquapin, "chestnut"Chrysolepis chrysophylla"'Chestnuts' charred in fire, shelled." (Loeb, p.47)Tkooʾiishtc naaʾtghilhʾaalh yaaʾnii.He stood up chinquapins (chestnuts) along, they say.GT02b 34.9Tkooʾiishtc neesyaan-eekwaanaang.Chinquapins (chestnuts) had ripened.GT02b 45.6Nonkʾtcing lhaan-ee, tcʾaalaa lhaan-ee shghanding, tkooʾiishtc lhaan-ee shghanding.There are a lot of tarweed seeds, there are a lot of sunflower seeds at my home, and there are a lot of chinquapins/chestnuts at my home.GT10 pine, ghost pine, California foothill pine, "digger pine"Pinus sabiniana"(Not here, but in Round Valley)" (Merriam) var.koostceeder. of-tcdiminutive suffixlittle tkoo'iishSource forms: tkó‑ischt kō īcts, t kō ictst kō icts, t kōctst kṓ icts, t kō īcts, te kō icts, t kōctsT̆´ko´-istch

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