uuʾeestn a1pestle"used by women pounding acorns" (Loeb, p.43)"Uuʾeest olhsilh," tcʾin yaaʾnii."You all peck stone pestles," he said, they say.GT07 25.8Uuʾeest yaaʾghilhghaalʾ yaaʾnii.He threw the pestle up in the air, they say.GT10 71.10Uuʾeest ninsʾistaang yaaʾnii.He picked up a pestle, they say.GT10 71.8make(s)..lhtsilh/tsiilʾpeck stoneusechʾ-(ghin)..sitpound acorns5. in mortar and pestle2stone maulstone pestle used to drive wedges
"elkhorn wedges pounded with stone maul in felling trees, stripping bark" (Loeb, p.44)
"The employment of an elk-horn wedge and stone maul in the procuring of firewood," (Kroeber, 1925, p.156)
Uuʾeest, bilhchow, kiliseeʾ nshoong.The maul and elk-horn wedge, the punkwood is good."GT10 32.6sim.bilhnoonghilsilstone maul6.6.3Working with wood
3iron maul"maul" in context of blacksmithing and iron tools (Goddard NB 1, p.23)
der. ofb-3sg/pl poss.√SIT3poundme'ist "pestle"beesta: besta 'maul (for driving wedge)' [LA-E], bēsta, besda, besta' 'pestle' [SN-G]; beestik: Bes-tuk' 'Pestle of stone' [SS-M]; bee'ilsit: bĕ́.ŭl.sŭt̥ 'pestle' [WA-C]Source forms: oʼ‑ĕ́stō ᵋestō ᵋestʼū+ esṯ, ō est, ō ēstō ᵋ éstʿĕstWo-est´û̄ esto'est

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