(0)..lhsis/saanvt1find O7.6.2Find2see O, catch sight of O2.3.1Seedilsaanwe found itdilsiswe find itilhsaangyou (sg.) find itisaangI found itiidilsaangwe found itiisaanI find itndilsaangwe saw you (sg.)nhilhsisthey see you (pl.)nisaanI found younohtcʾolhsaanghe saw usolhsaangyou (pl.) found/saw ittcʾilhsaanghe/she found ittcʾolhsaanlet him find ityaaʾlhsisthey find ityaalhsaangthey found ityaalhsisthey see ityiilhsaanghe/they found itder. of0-20-modelh-1lh-classifier√SIS/SAANfind/seeoo..lsis/saanvtsee/catch sight of O

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