chʾaang2n ahole"Tiidilh-teilee, shnaang chʾaakat-biiʾ kwinyeehiidilh-teilee, ninkwiiyeeh ghiidilh-teilee."We are going to go, my mother, we're going to go underground in a hole, we're going to go along underground.GT10 55.9Chʾaakaa-kat kaanailash chʾintʾaang.She was digging out acorns from a hole.GT10 72.1"Diiseeʾ chʾaakaa-biiʾ kwinyeehninyiing Yiishtc, tcʾeek.""Wolf and the woman went underground to the west in a hole.GT10 74.1Chʾaan-miiʾ yaaʾchʾoosilhsʾaang yaaʾnii.They listened in the hole, they say.GT31 hole, openingloc.chʾaakat-biiʾin a holeloc.chʾaakaa-biiʾin a holevar.chʾaakaa-katfrom a holeloc.chʾaan-miiʾin a holeder. ofchʾ-3Indef*ʾaangden/nestky'a'a:n "hole, cave"Source forms: tcʼa mīᵋ, tcʼą kût bīᵋ, tcʼa kût bīᵋ, tcʼa ka bīᵋ, tcʼa ka kûttca mī, tcakût / bī, tca ka bī, tca ka kûtchʾaantaahsaakn aclamP-ghaachʾaangn ahole through Pkaachʾaangʾn ahole/burrowSeedooʾ-Yiichʾaangdingn aBasin Rock

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