Koolhkaalʾuuʾaangʾlaiʾn aFlea Nest Top village"flea nest top 12 pits on top of ridge running to S.W from the ridge on which the big rock wagon road is. To the west the ground slopes up gently Water south east in gulch (Tyler | Tuttle creek) is 1/2 mile south Black oak & madrone. " "Belongs to here people but is not connected with another village 4 pits 200 yard east and 75 feet lower close to little gulch 50 yards south of main ridge 1/2 mile west from road" (Goddard, NB part 2 villages, p.39)whNeeʾlhsowkwot-kiiyaahaangMud Springs Creek band9.7.2.03Names of villages/towns9. Springs Creek areader. ofkoolhkaalʾfleab-3sg/pl poss.*ʾaangden/nest-laiʾpeak/mountain topSource forms: kōʟ kûl' ū añ lai'

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