chʾ-(ghin)..sitkʾee-(ghin)..sitvtpound acornsThe process of pounding acorns with the traditional tools: flat stone mortar slab, mortar hopper basket, and stone pestle is described in Chesnut (1902, pp.335-6)toolchʾeestmortar hopper basketchʾisttsmortar hopper basketseekaatʾmortar slabuuʾeest 1pestle5. in mortar and pestleperf. 3+ 3indf. obj.chʾeeghinsitshe pounded them/acornsimpf. 2pl.+ 3indf. obj.chʾohsityou (pl.) pound st./acorns; pound them! (pl.)der. ofchʾ-3Indef(ghin)..sitpound up Oder. ofkʾee-2(various meanings)gh-1gh-conjugation√SIT3poundk'i-(w)-tsit "pound acorns"Source forms: tcʼōʽ sût, kʼe gûn sûttcʼōʽ sût, tcʼ gûn sût, kʼ gûn sûtṯc̱ō´ sût

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