Some Links Relating to Language Revitalization


Some of what inspires me:

Joye Walkus, Kwak'wala language teacher, Language Is Our Life Line (TEDxVictoria talk):

10 Ways to Boost Tribal Language Programs (from Indian Country Today, April 27, 20015):

A dictionary is FOREVER! If a people want to learn their ancient language in a century, or in a few thousand years, the dictionary can be there! The oldest known dictionary we still have copies of is the 24 volume Sumerian-Akkadian Lexicon called the Urra=hubulu compiled some time in the 2nd millennium BCE.

Clay tablet is in the Louvre

1st century BC clay page of vol.16 of the 2nd millennium BC Sumerian-Akkadian Lexicon Urra-H̪ubullu. This copy is from Warka/Uruk.
© Marie-Lan Nguyen / Wikimedia Commons

Patricia M. Anderson's dissertation on the role of the Yanatame Nisa Luhchi Yoroni/New Tunica Dictionary in the community revitalization of the Tunica, a similarly small-population people of the Louisiana/Mississippi border area: