Word Category Abbreviations


Here is a list of all word category abbreviations in the dictionary, and what they mean:


adj adjective describes a noun; agrees with the noun in number
adv adverb describes a verb
con connector joins clauses or phrases
der.afx derivational affix a prefix, suffix, or noun phrase introducer that (unproductively) makes a new word or phrase
exp expression a word that can be a sentence by itself
loc location shows the place of a following noun
n noun a person, animal, place, thing, or idea plural noun a grammatically plural noun that does not have a singular singular noun a grammatically singular noun that does not have a plural
num number tells the exact number of a noun
oth other shows the word category is not yet known
pos possessive takes the place of a possessed noun and its possessor pronoun
prep preposition introduces a noun or noun phrase
pron pronoun a substitute for a noun or noun phrase
quan quantity tells the approximate amount of a thing or person
ques question word asks a question
v.d verb derived an adjective or adverb used as a verb
v.t verb an action, motion, change that has an object
v.i intranstive verb an action, motion, change, state, or equal sign that has no object
v.n verbal noun a verb used as a noun