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ᵐbatuɓ n. baobab baobab (4 groups, 6 languages) C syn: kʷɨkaɗ.
This root is far less widespread than *kʷɨkaɗ. It is problematic in that it contains a back vowel, and back vowels were not present in Proto-Central Chadic. It must be assumed that this root was either coined in Proto-Mafa, or else was borrowed into the languages of the Mandara Mountains at an early stage.

1Proto-Daba *matuɓ baobab baobab 1.1) Buwal (Viljoen) mɑtɑɓ baobab tree baobab 1.2) Mbudum (Ndokobaï) matu ɓ baobab tree baobab

2Proto-Mafa *ᵐbota baobab baobab 2.1) Mafa (Barreteau) ᵐboto-ᵐbótá baobab 2.2) Cuvok (Gravina) ᵐbaataj baobab tree baobab

3Proto-Sukur *ᵐbutɨ baobab baobab 3.1) Sukur (David) ᵐbutə tree, baobab

4Proto-Mofu *ᵐbaataɓ baobab baobab 4.1) Mofu-Gudur (Hollingsworth) máataɓ baobab 4.1.1) Mofu-Gudur (Hollingsworth) ᵐbáataj baobab (Gudur)
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