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ᵐburi nm. donkey âne (5 groups, 6 languages) C syn: koro, ziᵑgʷa.
This is one of three roots for 'donkey' within Central Chadic. The forms cited come from three distinct areas, and may or may not be cognate. The root found in the Kotoko groups is almost certainly a fairly recent borrowing.

1Proto-Bata *ᵐbɨrse donkey âne 1.1) Bata (Boyd) ᵐbɨrse donkey

2Proto-Daba *bardzaŋ ʸ donkey âne 2.1) Buwal (Viljoen) berdʒeŋ donkey âne

3Proto-Kotoko North *ɓoro donkey âne 3.1) Afade (Allison) ɓoro donkey âne

4Proto-Kotoko Centre *ᵐbori donkey âne 4.1) Lagwan (Allison) ᵐburi donkey âne 4.2) Mser (Allison) ᵐbori donkey âne

5Proto-Kotoko South *ᵐburi donkey âne 5.1) Mazera (Allison) ᵐburi donkey âne
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