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ⁿdɨw nm. human être humain (9 groups, 21 languages) A cf: zɨɗɨr ʸ.
This root has the basic meaning of 'a human being' and is not gender specific. It is one of only four roots reconstructed with *ⁿd. The final *w has the reflexes *u and the labialisation prosody, both common sporadic changes. There has been metathesis of the two consonants in Proto-Mandara and Proto-Higi, which is also a common sporadic change.

1Proto-Bata *ɨⁿdɨw person personne 1.1) Gude (Hoskinson) ə̀ⁿdá - ə someone, person, human being 1.2) Sharwa (Gravina) ⁿdu personne, homme

2Proto-Mafa *ⁿda ʷ person personne 2.1) Mafa (Ndokobai) ⁿdo homme(generique) 2.2) Cuvok (Gravina) ⁿdah people personnes 2.2.1) Cuvok (Gravina) ⁿda person personne 2.2.2) Cuvok (Gravina) ⁿdana person personne

3Proto-Tera *ⁿdɨkʷɨ person personne 3.1) Tera (Newman) ⁿdukku person (plural) 3.1.1) Tera (Newman) ⁿduku person 3.2) Nyimatli (Harley) ⁿduku human being, person 3.2.1) Nyimatli (Harley) ⁿdukh man.people

4Proto-Sukur *ⁿdɨw person personne 4.1) Sukur (David) ⁿda person 4.2) Sukur (Thomas) ⁿdu person 4.3) Sukur (David) ⁿdu person

5Proto-Margi *ⁿdu person personne 5.1) Kilba (Schuh) ⁿdu/ə person

6Proto-Mandara *wɨⁿdɨ person personne 6.1) Podoko (Swackhammer) məⁿda,-ə personne, quelqu'un 6.2) Malgwa (Löhr) ⁿda people, persons 6.3) Glavda (Owens) uu person 6.3.1) Glavda (Nghagyiva) ùda human being, person 6.4) Dghwede (Frick) wude person

7Proto-Mofu *ⁿdaw person personne 7.1) Merey (Gravina) ⁿdo person homme, personne, être humaine 7.2) Merey (Gravina) ⁿdo quelqu'un 7.3) Dugwor (Jubumna) wdaw person personne 7.4) Mofu North (Barreteau) ⁿdàw homme 7.4.1) Mofu North (Barreteau) ⁿdàw être humain 7.4.2) Mofu North (Barreteau) ⁿdàw gens 7.5) Mofu-Gudur (Hollingsworth) ⁿdaw man homme, être humain, gens

8Proto-Lamang *mɨⁿdu person personne 8.1) Lamang (Wolff) ùⁿdù person 8.2) Hdi (Bramlett) məⁿdu man l'homme

9Proto-Higi *wɨⁿdɨ person personne 9.1) Kirya (Blench) ⁿdə̀ person, people 9.1.1) Kirya (Blench) ⁿdə́ man, person, human being 9.2) Psikye (Angelo) wuⁿdú person 9.2.1) Psikye (Angelo) ⁿdə he, she, it, person
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madɨwan n. rat rat (6 groups, 13 languages) A
This root is found in a wide range of languages around the Mandara Mountains. It is expected that there would be a change of word-final *n→r in Proto-Mandara and Proto-Mofu. However this has not taken place, indicating that the root may have been borrowed into these groups form another language such as Mafa.

1Proto-Daba *maⁿdɨwan rat rat 1.1) Buwal (Viljoen) mɑⁿduwɑn rat rat 1.2) Daba (Lienhard) māⁿdə̀wàn le rat palmiste

2Proto-Mafa *madɨwan rat rat 2.1) Mafa (Ndokobai) madəwa rat 2.1.1) Mafa (Barreteau) məduwa rat de Gambie 2.2) Cuvok (Gravina) madwaŋ rat rat

3Proto-Sukur *mɨdwan rat rat 3.1) Sukur (David) mudwan rat, large 3.2) Sukur (Thomas) mədwan rat; a small animal with a long tail, that looks like large mouse usually considered as a pest.

4Proto-Hurza *mɨdɨdɨwan rat rat 4.1) Mbuko (Gravina) mədəduwan rat rat, raton

5Proto-Mandara *madɨwanɨ rat rat 5.1) Podoko (Swackhammer) madə́wana,-ə rat palmiste

6Proto-Mofu *madɨwan rat rat 6.1) Muyang (Smith) mɑdwɑŋ rat 6.2) Moloko (Friesen) mədəwan palm rat rat_palmiste 6.3) Zulgo (Haller) médiwiŋ rat m. 6.4) Gemzek (Sabatai) maduwaŋ rat rat 6.5) Merey (Gravina) maduwaŋ rat rat 6.6) Mofu-Gudur (Hollingsworth) maⁿdəwaŋ Rat de Gambie
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