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kasi num. two deux (3 groups, 5 languages) B syn: ɓɨwak, tsɨjɨw, sɨwra.
This root is found in the Kotoko Island, North and Centre groups, but not Kotoko South. The change *s→x in Buduma is regular. The *k has reflexes *k, *g and *x, which are unestablished changes.

1Proto-Kotoko Island *kihi two deux 1.1) Buduma (McKone) kixi two (2) deux (2) 1.2) Buduma (McKone) kixi deux.

2Proto-Kotoko North *gasi two deux 2.1) Afade (Allison) gasi two (2) deux (2) 2.2) Mpade (Allison) gàsì two (2) deux (2)

3Proto-Kotoko Centre *xɨsa two deux 3.1) Lagwan (Allison) xsɨɗa two (2) deux (2) 3.2) Mser (Allison) kitʃo two (2) deux (2)
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