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koro n. donkey âne (9 groups, 20 languages) B syn: ziᵑgʷa, ᵐburi.
This is a widespread African root that may have come into Central Chadic from Kanuri. Many Central Chadic languages do not have back vowels, and the *o has been reinterpreted as labialisation of *k, the labialisation prosody or as the sequence /aw/. The *r has not changed in any languages, which indicates a very short time depth for the introduction of this root into Central Chadic.

1Proto-Bata *kʷara donkey âne 1.1) Bata (Boyd) kʷáárééto donkey 1.2) Gude (Hoskinson) kʷárá donkey 1.3) Jimi (Djibi) kʷara Ane 1.4) Sharwa (Gravina) kʷara Ane

2Proto-Tera *koro donkey âne 2.1) Tera (Newman) koro donkey 2.2) Nyimatli (Harley) kooro donkey

3Proto-Margi *kʷara donkey âne 3.1) Bura (Blench) kʷara Ass 3.1.1) Bura (Blench) kʷara Donkey 3.2) Margi South (Harley) kʷara donkey 3.3) Kilba (Schuh) kʷara/a donkey

4Proto-Maroua *kawra donkey âne 4.1) Giziga Moutourwa (Michielan) kawra; awra âne à museau blanc

5Proto-Higi *kʷara donkey âne 5.1) Kamwe-Nkafa (Harley) kʷara donkey 5.2) Kamwe-Futu (Harley) kʷara donkey 5.3) Kirya (Blench) kʷàrà donkey 5.4) Psikye (Angelo) kʷará donkey

6Proto-Kotoko Island *kuro donkey âne 6.1) Buduma (McKone) kuro âne.

7Proto-Kotoko North *koro donkey âne 7.1) Mpade (Allison) kóró donkey âne 7.2) Malgbe (Allison) gro donkey âne

8Proto-Musgum *kʷɨra ʸ donkey âne 8.1) Vulum (Tourneux) kʉre âne 8.2) Mbara (Tourneux) kuro donkey âne 8.3) Muskum (Tourneux) kʉret âne

9Proto-Gidar *kara ʷ donkey âne 9.1) Gidar (Schuh) koro âne

10Kanuri kóro / kóró donkey âne
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