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tsɨjɨw num. two deux (5 groups, 13 languages) B syn: ɓɨwak, sɨwra, kasi.
This root is one of several roots for 'two' found in Central Chadic. It is found on and to the east of the Northern Mandara Mountains. Zina is quite distant from the other languages, but shares several cognates with the languages of the Mandara Mountains, indicating a time of contact in the past. The *j has been reanalised as a prosody in most of the languages. The *w has been reanalysed as /u/ in Muyang and Zina. These are common sporadic processes. In Muyang, the /u/ is affected by the palatalisation prosody.

1Proto-Mafa *atsaw ʸ two deux 1.1) Mafa (Barreteau) tʃew deux 1.1.1) Mafa (Barreteau) tʃetʃew deux 1.2) Cuvok (Gravina) atʃew two (2) deux (2)

2Proto-Hurza *tsaw ʸ two deux 2.1) Mbuko (Gravina) tʃew two deux 2.2) Vame (Kinnaird) tʃāw two deux

3Proto-Mofu *tsɨjɨw two deux 3.1) Ouldeme (Kinnaird) tsìjò two deux 3.2) Muyang (Smith) tʃitʃʉ two deux 3.2.1) Muyang (Smith) tʃitʃʉ two deux 3.2.2) Muyang (Smith) tʃʉ two deux 3.3) Moloko (Friesen) tʃew two deux 3.4) Mofu North (Barreteau) tʃéw deux 3.5) Mofu-Gudur (Hollingsworth) tʃew two deux

4Proto-Maroua *tsɨw ʸ two deux 4.1) Giziga Moutourwa (Michielan) tʃuw deux 4.1.1) Giziga Moutourwa (Michielan) tʃuw le deuxième 4.2) Giziga Marva (Hamidou) tʃuw two (2) deux (2) 4.3) Mbazla (Tourneux) tʃew deux 4.3.1) Mbazla (SILSurvey) tíáẃ two deux

5Proto-Kotoko South *tsu two deux 5.1) Zina (Odden) tʃu two (2) deux (2)
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