wahaj v. to give birth naître (16 groups, 43 languages) C syn: ᵐbɨw.
This is the most widely attested root for 'to give birth'. All three consonants in the root are prone to sporadic deletion or reanalysis, and only in a few cases are all three consonants preserved in the reflexes of individual languages.

1Proto-Mafa *haja give birth naître 1.1) Mafa (Barreteau) ja accoucher 1.2) Cuvok (Gravina) haja bear (child), give birth accoucher, donner naissance 1.2.1) Cuvok (Gravina) haja (be) born naître

2Proto-Tera *xa give birth naitre 2.1) Tera (Newman) xa give birth 2.2) Nyimatli (Harley) xa (be) born 2.2.1) Nyimatli (Harley) kha bear (child), give birth

3Proto-Sukur *ji give birth naitre 3.1) Sukur (David) jiiha give birth, to 3.2) Sukur (Thomas) ji to give birth;

4Proto-Hurza *wah give birth naître 4.1) Mbuko (Gravina) wahaj give birth donner naissance 4.2) Vame (Kinnaird) wáhā 1 give birth ; deliver accoucher 4.2.1) Vame (Kinnaird) wáhā 2 give birth naître 4.2.2) Vame (Kinnaird) wáh kīné produce naître

5Proto-Margi *ja give birth naître 5.1) Bura (Blench) ìjà To give birth 5.2) Bura (Blench) jia To give birth 5.3) Margi (Hoffman) ja to give birth 5.4) Margi South (Harley) ja to give birth 5.5) Kilba (Schuh) ja/a (give) birth

6Proto-Mandara *hajɨ give birth naitre 6.1) Podoko (Swackhammer) ha 1 produire des fruits 6.1.1) Podoko (Swackhammer) ha 2 naître, accoucher 6.2) Malgwa (Löhr) ja deliver, give birth 6.3) Glavda (Nghagyiva) jìga bear (child), give birth 6.3.1) Glavda (Nghagyiva) jàjāna (be) born 6.4) Dghwede (Frick) jige to give birth

7Proto-Mofu *waj give birth naître 7.1) Ouldeme (Kinnaird) bear many children donner naissance; enfanter 7.2) Moloko (Friesen) we give birth, be born accoucher; naître 7.2.1) Moloko (Friesen) we engendrer 7.3) Zulgo (Haller) wa accoucher, enfanter, engendrer, produire 7.4) Gemzek (Sabatai) mewe (be) born naître 7.4.1) Gemzek (Sabatai) mawa kəla bear (child), give birth accoucher, donner naissance 7.5) Merey (Gravina) wa (be) born naître 7.5.1) Merey (Gravina) wa wawa bear (child), give birth accoucher, donner naissance 7.6) Dugwor (Jubumna) mawaj (be) born naître 7.6.1) Dugwor (Jubumna) mawaj bear (child), give birth accoucher, donner naissance 7.7) Mofu North (Barreteau) méjèj accoucher 7.7.1) Mofu North (Barreteau) májàwá accouchement 7.7.2) Mofu North (Barreteau) májàwá naissance 7.8) Mofu-Gudur (Hollingsworth) ́j be born accoucher, naître, mettre bas, pondre, donner des fruits ; se multiplier 7.8.1) Mofu-Gudur (Hollingsworth) majawa accouchement, naissance

8Proto-Maroua *ji give birth naître 8.1) Giziga Marva (Hamidou) ji zuŋ bear (child), give birth accoucher, donner naissance 8.2) Giziga Marva (Hamidou) je (be) born naître 8.3) Mbazla (Tourneux) ji mettre au monde, donner naissance 8.3.1) Mbazla (SILSurvey) jɛ́jiʼ give birth engendrer

9Proto-Lamang *ja give birth naître 9.1) Lamang (Wolff) ja beget, give birth 9.2) Hdi (Bramlett) jaj to give birth donner naissance

10Proto-Higi *jɨ give birth naître 10.1) Kamwe-Nkafa (Harley) give birth/deliver 10.2) Kamwe-Futu (Harley) jekə bear (child); give birth 10.2.1) Kamwe-Futu (Harley) jekəgʷo be born 10.3) Kirya (Blench) to give birth (born), bear 10.4) Bana (Lienhard) accoucher, naître, naissance

11Proto-Kotoko Island *wɨj give birth naitre 11.1) Buduma (McKone) wuj engendrer, accoucher. 11.2) Buduma (McKone) wuəj bear (child) accoucher (enfant)

12Proto-Kotoko North *wa give birth naître 12.1) Afade (Allison) we si (be) born naître 12.1.1) Afade (Allison) wan; we bear (child), give birth accoucher, donner naissance 12.2) Mpade (Allison) bear (child) accoucher (enfant) 12.2.1) Mpade (Allison) wè sì (be) born naître 12.3) Malgbe (Allison) wawun (wa, we) (be) born naître 12.3.1) Malgbe (Allison) wawun bear (child), give birth accoucher, donner naissance

13Proto-Kotoko Centre *wa give birth naître 13.1) Lagwan (Allison) wel zi (be) born naître 13.1.1) Lagwan (Allison) wawun (wa) bear (child), give birth accoucher, donner naissance 13.2) Mser (Allison) we zi (be) born naître 13.2.1) Mser (Allison) we bear (child), give birth accoucher, donner naissance

14Proto-Kotoko South *wɨja give birth naître 14.1) Zina (Odden) wìjà bear (child), give birth accoucher, donner naissance

15Proto-Musgum *wi give birth naître 15.1) Mulwi (Tourneux) wi mettre, naître, mettre au monde 15.2) Mbara (Tourneux) wii give birth, bring forth donner naissance, mettre au monde

16Proto-Gidar *ɨwa give birth naitre 16.1) Gidar (Hungerford) uuwa accoucher 16.2) Gidar (Hungerford) uuwa naître, (donner) naissance, accoucher 16.3) Gidar (Schuh) uwa naitre 16.4) Gidar (Hungerford) wiina donner naissance

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