hɨra n. arm, hand bras, main (8 groups, 25 languages) C syn: paɮa, dzɨvɨ ʸ.
This is the most widely attested of the three roots for 'arm'. We expect to find *r→l in the languages of the North sub-branch, but the data from Podoko and much of the Mofu group contradicts this. Proto-Maroua *n word-final corresponds with *r word-final in these two groups, so it may be that the North sub-branch languages are reflexes of a different root *(a)han.

1Proto-Daba *ra arm bras 1.1) Buwal (Viljoen) arm bras 1.1.1) Buwal (Viljoen) hand main 1.2) Gavar (Viljoen) hand main 1.2.1) Gavar (Viljoen) arm bras

2Proto-Mafa *raj arm bras 2.1) Mafa (Barreteau) ráj main, bras 2.2) Cuvok (Gravina) ha hand, hand main, bras

3Proto-Tera *xar arm bras 3.1) Tera (Newman) xar hand (arm) 3.2) Nyimatli (Harley) khar hand 3.3) Gaʼanda (Gwaji) ᵐbǝrahera arm

4Proto-Sukur *ri arm, hand bras, main 4.1) Sukur (David) ri arm, hand 4.2) Sukur (Thomas) rəi hand:- is the part of the body at the end of the arm.

5Proto-Hurza *alaj arm bras 5.1) Mbuko (Gravina) alaj hand bras, main 5.2) Vame (Kinnaird) āláj arm |uc{main, bras} - de l'épaule jusqu'au bout des doigts

6Proto-Mandara *harɨ arm bras 6.1) Matal (Branger) ahal arm bras 6.2) Podoko (Swackhammer) hará,-ə main; bras

7Proto-Mofu *ahɨr, hɨlaj arm bras 7.1) Ouldeme (Kinnaird) āhár arm - from the shoulder to the tips of the fingers |uc{main, bras} - de l'épaule jusqu'au bout des doigts 7.2) Muyang (Smith) ɑhɑr hand ; arm ; handle ; branch main; bras; manche; branche 7.3) Mada (Nkoumou) ahar bras supérieur 7.4) Moloko (Friesen) ahar arm; hand bras; main 7.5) Zulgo (Haller) ahə́r main f. 7.6) Gemzek (Sabatai) ahər arm bras 7.7) Merey (Gravina) həlaj arm bras, main 7.8) Dugwor (Jubumna) laj arm bras 7.8.1) Dugwor (Jubumna) laj hand main 7.9) Mofu North (Barreteau) hār bras, main 7.10) Mofu-Gudur (Hollingsworth) har hand, arm la main, bras 7.10.1) Mofu-Gudur (Hollingsworth) har (sens figuré) temps, occasion

8Proto-Maroua *han arm bras 8.1) Giziga Moutourwa (Michielan) haŋ main, bras 8.2) Giziga Marva (Hamidou) han, haŋ hand; arm main; bras 8.3) Mbazla (Tourneux) haŋ bras 8.3.1) Mbazla (SILSurvey) hāŋ arm / hand bras / main

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