acc. completive
adj. adjective
adv. adverb
ant. antonym (opposite)
(B) dialect of Banfora
BOT category: plants (botanical)
cl. class
comp. compound
conj. conjunction
card. cardinal
déf. definite
dép. dependent
ENT category: insects (entomology)
ep. epithetical
exp. expression
ICHT category: fish (ichthyology)
f. feminine
fig. figurative
idéoph. ideophone
ij. interjection
indéf. indefinite
lit. literally
loc. locative
m. masculine
(N) dialect of Niangoloko
n. noun
num. numeral
par ext. by extension
obj. object
ord. ordinal
ORNITH category: bird (ornithology)
part. participle
p. e. for example
pers. person or personal
Pl. plural
poss. possessive
pr. pronoun
préd. predicative
pt. particle
qc. something
qn. someone
qual. qualifier
réc. reciprocal
réf. referential
réfl. reflexive
rel. relative
(S) dialect of Soubaka
Sg. singular
sub. subordinate
suj. subject
syn. synonym
TAM morpheme of time, aspect or mode
v. verb
vi. intransitive verb
vt. transitive verb
ZOOL category: animal (zoology)