Dictionary Entries explained

A Chepang entry consists of a headword, which is a link, then a phonetic transcription in brackets.  This is followed by the abbreviation for the part of speech and definition both in Nepali.  Those are then given in English.  Next an example sentence in Chepang is provided along with a phonetic transcription and a translation into English.


एङःचेक्‌ [ʔeŋʔ.cek] अ. मू. आश्‍चार्यलाग्‍दो,अन्न्भुत onom impressive, awesome (appearance.) ओउः भाम्‌ एङःचेक्‌ त मुनाः ʔowʔ bham ʔeŋʔcek tə munaʔ It is a resplendent white.