a bang1a bang1v.thuhmun, bawngaw, tlukaw, hrûlaw, to be similar, to be likeတူသည္၊ ဆင္တူျဖစ္သည္၊ ရည္တူျဖစ္သည္a ang, a ināng, a danglam lo,a inhrûl, a intluk, intiat;Ro Lian cu Lian Thang a bang. 2n.a hlei, hleifuan, nepnawi. tusef?residue, left over, remainingအပုိ၊ ပုိလွ်ံေသာအရာa chuang, a bâng;A bang cu vawk rawlah ret aw.3v.bawngaw, tlukaw, zawnaw. wlonf?wlnDonfတူသည္၊ ဆင္တူျဖစ္သည္၊ ရည္တူျဖစ္သည္inang, intluk;“Salai Lal San cu a nu a bang zet.”

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