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aga' avii xta̱'elevatoracensorCatu̱u̱ ní' rque aga' avii xta̱' ne̱ ca'a̱nj nicaj yo' man ní' nda̱a pisó cha'nu̱j.Let us get into the elevator and it will take us to the 13th floor.Entremos al elevador y que nos lleve al piso trece.' 1metalaviicome from ascend come out get intoxta̱'1upwards

aga' naxca̱j cuchri'jack (for lifting a car)gato hidraúlico7.3.2.4LiftLevantaraga' 1metalnaxca̱j 1raise, risecuchri' 1machine

naxca̱jna³xcaj²1vtraise, riselevantar, alcanzarNaxca̱j ra'a so' a.He raised his hand.Él se levantó la mano.Holl. sketch p. 257.Naxca̱j so' ra'a so' a.He raised his hand.Él se levantó la mano.Holl. sketch p. 258.Naxcaj ra'a soj me soj arán' rá tucuáán naca̠.Raise your hands if you agree with this new reform.Levanten sus manos quienes están de acuerdo con esta nueva forma.The first example shows an option of incorporating a body part into the verb. It is also possible to use this verb as an ordinary, non-incorporating verb, as in the second example. uprightEnderezar7.3.2.4LiftLevantaraga' naxca̱j cuchri'jack (for lifting a car)2vtcause to riseMa̱a̱n se naxca̱j nu̱' Diose̱ man so' ca'anj so' rej xta̱' na̱nj ado̱nj. “... God had taken him away (lit. caused him to rise up).”HEB 11:5cThis sense is used in the Biblical contexts of causing the dead or lame to rise. The object here is usually preceded by the accusative man.3lift, raiselevantar7.3.4.2Pick upRecoger