vaa i'nújvaa³² i'nuj⁵vbe free toestar libre para̱ ne vaa ya'núj rihaan núj cha̱ núj... ..and we are not free to eat2CO 6:4-5bVaa i'núj rihaan so̠' ca'anj gu:ii cuan' na'?Will you be free this afternoon?Estarás libre hoy en la tarde?Vaa i'núj rihaan so̠' cuan' ne̠ qui'ya̠j suun so̠' rihanj na'?Are you free to work for me today?Estarás libre hoy para que trabajes por mí?This is followed by the prepositional phrase rihaan NP and a clause in the potential aspect, where the NP object of rihaan controls the subject of the subordinate clause.vaa 'núj