'anj yaníj'anj³² yanij⁵vmove to the side; go to a different placehacerse a un lado; mover a un ladoNi sa̱' a'mii ssíj ne̱ 'anj yaníj nij yuvii̱ rihaan ssíj.The leader doesn't speak honestly and the people have moved away from him.El lider no habla con rectitud y las personas se han dispersado .Nda̱a vi̱j ca'mi̱i̱ so̱' rihaan so', ne̱ sese se̱ ca'vej rá so' cuno̱ so', ne̱ ca'a̱nj yaníj so̱' rihaan so' ei. speak to him up to two times and he is not willing to hear, then separate yourself from him.and then warn them a second time. After that, have nothing to do with them.TIT 3:10b7.2MoveMoverseca-'anjgoyaníjapart, from another place foreign